Zafferano Lampes-à-Porter

Zafferano’s battery-powered touch-control lamps are functional and cordless, combining practicality with elegant clear-cut design. These "nomadic" light sources, positioned indoors or outdoors as required, are a dynamic alternative for illuminating all activities and for every moment of the day. They create the perfect atmosphere at a restaurant table, light up a dinner on a terrace or a romantic picnic, and allow you to read under the stars... wherever you fancy!

The first Poldina table lamp, available in various options and dimensions, soon led to the creation of an extensive range of new versions: a wide choice is available that varies according to areas of use, providing all the functions offered by new technologies.
With such a varied collection, Zafferano is now acknowledged as a specialist in this new lighting design sector.
If you are looking for a portable lamp… look for Zafferano!

zafferano lampes a porter
Warning about counterfeit Zafferano products